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The centre can be contacted by phone on (02) 8313 7114, by email at

When you first call the centre we will briefly discuss your needs to determine who is the right pain specialist for you to see. We will then recommend some appointment times for you. We will then discuss the consultation fees with you. If you are attending under Medicare you will need a referral from your GP or a medical specialist. You can make the appointment without the referral but you will need it when you attend. If you do not bring a referral you may need to pay the full fee without getting a Medicare rebate. If you have workers compensation, motor vehicle accident, department of veterans affairs or another form of compensation they may pay for the consultation. You need to obtain approval for the consultation prior to attending or you will need to pay for the consultation on the day.

Psychology and physiotherapy consultations may be partly covered by Medicare. Only a GP can refer to a physiotherapist, while a GP or psychiatrist can refer to a psychologist. Please note that as a private practice we do not bulk bill. As such you will need to pay for the consultation on the day and then claim back the Medicare rebate. We have full eftpos and Medicare online facilities available, and also accept cash and cheque payments. If you link your medicare card to your back account we can process the medicare rebate for you and you should receive it within twenty-four hours of making the payment.